I remember a time when life was simple. You either believed in global warming, and knew that only a mad dash for renewables could save the planet, or you thought it was the greatest con ever, and that solar and wind were just another way for governments to increase the tax take.

Then (lo and behold) look who jumps out of the woods. In a move that has caused understandable surprise across the renewable energy sector, the Palmer United Party’s top Western Australia senate candidate, Dio Wang, has issued a press release headlined “Renewable Energy Target should remain as is: Dio Wang”. In it Wang states: “I believe the RET scheme should remain as it. It worries me when the government says everything is on the table in reviewing the RET.” He continues: “Considering that the last review of the RET was completed in December 2012, just 14 months ago, I think the new review is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The press release then goes on to say: “Mr Wang said that Australia’s renewable energy sector was a major source of jobs with the solar industry alone employing more people than the oil and gas extraction, gas supply and coal product manufacturing combined in 2012.”

Now the Sydney Morning Herald has reported that PUP leader Clive Palmer has endorsed Wang’s statement, adding that he is a ”supporter of renewable energy” and that this has “nothing to do with the carbon tax”.

Confused? Well we certainly are. So the next time you see a heat haze, or a polluted skyline, take a second look. It might just be the political lines getting increasingly blurred.